Verge of spring

iris in seattle

It’s technically still winter, though the irises and daffodils and crocuses are starting to bloom and the tulips are just pushing through the damp soil. We’re getting a little more sunshine, but there’s still plenty of rain and soggy, cloudy days ahead. It’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of all Seattle has to offer indoors. Read: drinking a lot of beer and eating a lot of food.

Friday I headed to Epic Ales with some friends to check out the new tasting room. Previously, if you wanted a sample, you’d have to sit at a picnic table and wobbly bar stools in the doorway of the weird storage/office building where Epic brews. Said table was next to Epic’s 200-square foot brewing space, which, as I remember, was cordoned off by chicken wire and plywood. Suffice it to say the tasting room is an upgrade, but either way, that beer is damn worth it. Hell, I’d probably stand out in the rain to drink it.

Epic also had free Hama Hama oysters on tap, and they’ll soon be permitted to sell oysters at a buck each. Cody the brewmaster collected all the shells for his Black Oyster Gose, a sour beer steeped with oyster debris. Mind blown. Can’t wait to try that in three weeks.

In other news, it’s finally time to start gardening again, so I put in some radishes today. When they’re done in a month or so, we’ll have salads with radishes from now til fall–that’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see if the slugs have something different in mind.