A Weekend at Baker Lake

travel writing

This past weekend I dusted off my camping gear and headed to the mountains for the first time this year.

The destination was Baker Lake in the North Cascades, and I invited a gaggle of friends to come with. We were lucky — it was unseasonably warm this early in summer and that far north, and though the forecast called for rain we didn’t see a drop. The only downside was the mosquitoes: no breeze meant they were everywhere, even with bug spray and citronella.

Still, the weekend was pretty perfect. Two nights lakeside, plus a nice, long hike along rambling Baker River, which heads deep into the glaciers somewhere–who knows.

All around the lake, big green hills obscure views of taller mountains except for a few spots, where their serrated peaks nose out, revealing distant snowfields. Rather than whet my appetite, they make me want more adventures here. Soon, but not soon enough.