Perfect day for a snow day

travel writing

Being a freelance writer certainly has its share of challenges, but the perks are pretty great, too. The forecast on Friday called for uncharacteristically sunny skies, so I skipped work and headed out to Snoqualmie Pass with a pair of snowshoes.

The pesky marine layer had Seattle socked under fog when I left home in the morning, but the farther I drove into the mountains, the more it dissipated. Sometimes–surprise–the forecast is terribly inaccurate, but I kept my fingers crossed for blue skies. Still, it’s hard to be disappointed here. Sunny or cloudy days this time of year reveal dramatic scenery in the mountains, even if you never leave the road. Ice blocks cling to the dynamite-blasted cliffs towering over the road, and snowy peaks fill the car windows.

There are plenty of easily accessible, rewarding snowshoe routes along the I-90 corridor near the Pass, but I chose Gold Greek for its fantastic photography opportunities. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery, so apart from these two pictures, I missed plenty of great photo opps. Doh!

The Gold Creek trail is flat, short, and scenic, and it’s just about an hour from Seattle. It’s a great place to test out snowshoes with beginners, or, to bring a (fully charged) camera. You can walk the entire loop around the lake in under an hour, even if you stop to snap photos. Snow-covered peaks frame a small pond, most of which is frozen over this time of year. Go after the snow melts for photos of the mountains reflected in the water. There are a lot of rewarding hikes nearby, but Gold Creek probably takes the prize for best scenery for the least amount of effort expended.

Adding this as a day trip to the Seattle Day Trips app this afternoon!