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A bite of big apple

Until this weekend, I’d never been to New York City, but thanks to movies, television shows, books, and music, I could picture it: the endless stretch of gleaming skyscrapers, the throngs of people on the sidewalks, the streets clogged with honking taxis, the rush and rumble of subway trains. My imagination helped me get close to the real thing, but… Read more →

A Weekend at Baker Lake

This past weekend I dusted off my camping gear and headed to the mountains for the first time this year. The destination was Baker Lake in the North Cascades, and I invited a gaggle of friends to come with. We were lucky — it was unseasonably warm this early in summer and that far north, and though the forecast called… Read more →

Island Time

The plane landed in Maui after dark, and I drove across the island unable to see the scenery I’d come for. It felt slightly unsettling, like I was being led around by blindfold, to know I’d wake up in a world far away and vastly different from the damp chill I’d left behind in Seattle. When the lights flipped on… Read more →