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Cider in the sun

Until very recently, I’ve always thought of cider as “chick beer” — overly sweet, and, quite frankly, a lame substitute for beer haters. My, how that opinion has changed in the last few months. I picked up on a new trend in Washington booze-making: the increasingly hot market for local craft cider, and with that, an astounding quality that I… Read more →

Eat at Chan

The skills of the cook and the quality of the ingredients are major players in what makes any meal great, certainly. But as a food writer, I have the privilege of talking in depth to a chef before I sit down to eat the food, and that makes the experience so much richer — and tastier. I’m working on an… Read more →


One of the best things about hosting an out-of-town visitor is that I get to see Seattle through new eyes and play tourist in my own town. Our most recent guest has visited us before, and we’d already hit the requisite downtown highlights on her previous visits. This time, we branched out to some of our favorite, but out-of-the-way (from… Read more →

Beautiful Bivalves

Last Saturday I braved 20-mph winds to gorge myself on oysters at Hama Hama’s Oyster Rama, an annual festival dedicated to the bivalve. (There were also clams to be dug, if you so desired). Hama Hama’s farm sits on the Hood Canal, a 65-mile long fjord separating the Olympic Peninsula from the Kitsap Peninsula. I’d only crossed over the canal… Read more →