Sunshine in February


Every now and then, the sun comes out in winter. And that means I try to get to the nearest vantage point to look at the snow-covered Cascades or Olympics.

Today I ventured out beyond my usual spots to Discovery Park. It’s a weird space because it’s part decommissioned military base, part sewage treatment plant, and part awesome park, with trails leading to wind-swept bluffs and to a lighthouse on the beach. The abandoned military housing creeps me out a little, but the views are rewarding.

Despite it being a weekday, lots of kids were out, building forts out of driftwood on the beach. I enjoyed the clear view to Mount Rainier and spotting the ferries zipping back and forth to Bainbridge Island. Next time someone asks me why I moved here, I’m just going to show them these pictures. ‘Nuf said.